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saving money and energy in real time

energy awareness for everybody

Perhaps the most comprehensive energy management application there is. Get back in control of your energy, save your business money, make your home work properly.  Smart Energy Groups is the tool you need

  • to know where and when energy is being used
  • take action to save money on energy bills
  • share, learn and become energy aware!
  • Powerful, full featured
  • Energy trends over time
  • Reporting for periods
  • Usage statistics
  • Detailed consumption breakdown
  • Heatmap visualisation
  • Energy usage stacked up
  • Real time gauges
  • Work out exactly what is on.
  • What is being used when
  • In home energy display

come and

Things Smart Energy Groups does


Save money

Get real insight into how you use energy, and savings of over 30% on energy bills are possible


In real time

Information is collected in real time, with up to data analytics. See things when and as they happen


Stunning charts

A rich library of powerful charts and visualisations to gain perspective on how your energy is being used


Solar friendly

Works happily with your solar setup, see how much you generate, export and use


Control your devices

Command and control your devices, automatically and remotely anywhere


Full featured, powerful

A rich set of tools you need to configure, manage, drill into and use the system


Platform friendly

It works in the browser on all devices, no mucking about with apps. We even have handy widgets for easy mobile access


Discover your stuff

The easiest application there is to find, link and setup your devices and get your data into SEG


Blog, share and contribute

Read up, learn, blog, particiapte our forums and share with your friends!

Case studies


Cut the cost of lighting in half

A major sports stadium in Melbourne enjoys the benifits of a complete lighting upgrade over 6 indoor basket ball courts.

Smart Energy Groups was used to measure and verify the energy usages and confirm projected savings from the project.  This helped secure financing for the lighting project and demonstrate the actual savings.

Apart from a significant improvement in court illumination, there are other interesting aspects from this project.  The operators of the statium have been able to btter understand court usage patterns, using this information to identify opportunities to find new ways to book the space and earn additional revenue.

What you need

  • SEGmeter lives in your switchboard
  • Current clamps sense energy flows
  • They clip around the wires in your switchboard
  • Installed in a home switchboard
  • A medium industrial installation
  • A megawatt of lighting at a sports oval

A device to measure your energy usage

You can bring your own device, or get one from us!

Our SEGmeter is installed in or near your switchboard. It has multiple inputs to measure many circuits in your business or home, allowing a real energy breakdown

It is connected to your internet, and our automated discovery will set everything up for you.

Once everything is setup, close up your switchboard and enjoy using our software to understand and take steps to become Energy Aware!

And it's yours, take it with you when you move and set up up in your new home

How it works

  • We can't change what we don't measure.
  • SEGmeter has a bunch of current sensors which detect the energy flowing through your switchboard, into your circuits for lights, power, air conditioning and other things.
  • It measures this energy and sends the consumption information to smartenergygroups.com every minute or so.
  • We turn all this data into information, giving you the insight and the power to use less.



Some examples of Smart Energy Groups in action

Real Time View

See exactly what is going on in real time, how your solar energy is being generated and used, what things you have running overnight when everything should be quiet. Identify when your air conditioner needs cleaning, see if things have been left on and a host of other detailed insights.

Energy Usage Breakdown

Rank the highest energy consuming and generating areas by selectable time periods. Gain insight where the most energy is being used and how it contributes toward your overall usage

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