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To: Baione

"Thanks lampin for your help. I'll tell you that my..."

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"Somebody help me to setup to connect the Gem to..."

To: Baione

"I have a GEM,  what I do? "

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going through my old messages and saw this.  sorry I never replied!  did you ever get up and running?

if not I could probably get a good walkthrough together for you.

sorry again for the super late responce!


Thanks lampin for your help.

I'll tell you that my Gem is just wireless and reach the following situation according to the graphs :


Reach Gem set , but I could not connect or to Dasboard of Brultech , nor in SmartEnergy .


What steps should I will take ?



lol.. yeah its VERY confusing at first.  there's few things that tripped me up.  fist of all, what model GEM do you have? the ethernet only one or the one with wireless?

the wireless one can only be in 1 mode at a time.  it can either be in setup mode where you can browse to it and setup your current transformers (CTs) and stuff OR it can be in a mode where it transmits to SEG. BUT NOT BOTH.

this was one of the biggest hurdles i had when setting up my GEM with wireless.

let me know if that's what you have and that's where you're stuck and I'll try to help.  mine is working GREAT after a few easy steps that are not well documented so I'm sure I can help ya!


I have a GEM,  what I do? 

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