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Three Cheers for the Green Burger!

published, Sep 10, 2009 4:11pm
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A Burger King in New Jersey, US, will soon be harnessing the kinetic energy from drive-thru cars to supplement their energy needs. They have installed an energy-collecting speed bump that stores and collects twice daily this otherwise wasted energy from passing cars.

created on: 09/10/09

The franchise owners expect to offset around 10% of their $50k annual electricity bill. There may be some meat in that sandwich! Maryland-based New Energy Technologies wants to broaden the scope of their MotionPower kinetic energy strips from drive-thru lanes to surface roads; they want to capture energy produced by the 250 million cars on US roads every day. The technology is the same as that used to power hybrids; soon all cars could be energy producers. Now if all those cars are solar-powered...

Check out their website at http://www.newenergytechnologiesinc.com/ What do you think? Can the energy generated cover the energy expended in production? Is this much ado about nothing or the next best thing?

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Remarkable. And the next thing they could do is recycle the oil in their fryers into their Diesel delivery trucks.

This is also occuring in Israel, where they are doing pilot projects using road and railway systems to generate electricity by a method called 'piezoelectric generation'. Was in the 'Jerusalem Report' journal... using wasted vibration energy to produce energy! The fantastic thing is that it's using energy otherwise wasted and it doesn't require extra land space! It would change electricity generation if successfully tested and perfected!

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