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Will the Smart Grid Be the Next Tech Bubble?

published, Jun 20, 2009 10:01pm
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 created on: 06/21/09

The bad: The bubble may burst.

The good: At least the smart grid will become reality!


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I think it's one of the best candidates for the next bubble. Obama Administration is talking about throwing a lot of money towards it. But it could also be "green tech", with Smart Grid as one of the elements of that, renewable energy being another. Bubbles are great, as long as you buy low and sell high (like any good investment).

I agree Steve,

It's showing all the signs at the moment, lots of government money being pumped towards the big players.  There is also a bunch of interesting things going on in terms of qualification for government funding which would see the exclusion of VC backed recipients in the news this week.

One thing is sure, and we've seen it with Solar this last few weeks in Australia - when the politicians turn the tap off, the bubble bursts.  Considering that all the big Government cash is also coming from borrowings is also a bit of a worry.

There are two aspects of the big smart grid projects that irk me some,

  1. The wastage which goes on with some of these big budget projects
  2. The openness of the smart grid, and empowerment of the consumer - something often omitted from smart grid project objectives.

After all, it's going to be up to each and every one of us to make a difference.



Distributed micro-generation! That is the true smart grid

- Steve


...and storage.

And I am sure there are many who may be a little unsettled by this notion.

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