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About Me

My name is: SYSPEO International S.A.

I am designing sensors for various type of measurements:

  1. Electricity consumption
  2. Water consumption
  3. Gaz consumption
  4. Fuel oil level in tanks
  5. Fuel oil consumption
  6. LPG level in tanks (Rochester gauge)
  7. CO2 level (quality of the air in classrooms)
  8. Whatever is useful to measure
  9. Remote ModBus RTU interface

The sensors are networked 2 different way :

  1. using PanStamp RF-Arduino modules (using SWAP stack)
  2. using Jennic JN-5148 ZigBee modules (using JENNET stack)

We intend to integrate the V2.5 board into both types of Network.

The global purpose is to propose people a way to collect date in order to discover how much energy they spoil.

In genral, when someone understands how much energy he badly spends, he starts reducing energy consumption.


Smart energy sensor designer




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