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You can not change what you can not measure!

User Comments - chadodes

Sam at SEG recommends a 45 second update interval or longer. Lower intervals will work, but you will be creating far more data than you need but losing accuracy because of rounding errors on the shorter interval.   You can go higher than 45 since the GEM accumulates the data prior to the api send to SEG.




I just updated my GEM com FW and confirmed that it is set to reset wh.

I have made sure my packet timeing is 15 seconds and I have set my watt hours packet reset time to 15 seconds as well.


We will see how that works.

Hey chadodes, looking at your public dashboard I can't help but notice that it looks like you're almost up to using a megawatt of power in just one day. I'm hoping that you have something amiss in your dashboard setting or in your GEM settings.


Maybe you are not reseting the counter on the GEM after sending data to SEG?

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