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User Comments - rapademic

Hello rapademic.

If I'm not mistaken the GEM can send to only one destination. So in my solution, I send the data to a Raspberry Pi running linux, which is in charge of receiving and storing data from the GEM and other sources. From there, I upload to a local server, as well as to SEG. I think btmon.py should be able to provide the same functionality.

I can't comment on using openWRT for this purpose. Several years ago I converted a router to run OpenWRT, but from what I remember it was a bit of a messy process. The specific router hardware also matters a great deal so you have to watch out for that too (and understand which hardware revision of a router you're running).

Now that Raspberry Pi is available as as platform, I wouldn't personally go the OpenWRT route, since RPi doesn't require any hacking, is pretty cheap, built to be extensible, and very reliable.


Rapademic -

Hate to say... but I have ZERO experience with OpenWRT routers and I am unfamiliar with btmon.py.  I suggest posting to the SEG Forum.

Good luck - Brad

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