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Hi verehomie, I have a green-eye monitor that i've been working with.  Up to date, I have the GEM sending data to a mysql database.  However, all i receive in the database are counter values.  Do you know how i can make these values meaningful.  Ultimately, I would like to be able to store the data in a way that would be easy to use and accessible from a self-made website.  Thanks in advance for you any help you may provide.



Hi there Verohomie, this is Caleb from Hampden-Sydney College. I was wondering do you by any chance know the full process of getting btmon.py to run on a router? I read in an article by Bill Lortz that you have to use Open WRT to work with btmon.py which is a script for python. If you were going to make a database, how would you set up btmon.py using a wireless N home router, Linksys by Cisco? Anything you could alert me to would be helpful. Thanks.

Haven't been on in a while, still working a lot on my home remodel. I bought a GreenEye back in June.

Verohomie - i left some notes on my profile to get the GEM up and running:



Hi Brad thanks for allowing me access to your group.
Just running the standard Brultech software with 2 ECM-1240 connected with an EP-1 and EngineG software. I hope to set it up to send data to Smartenergygroups for monitoring. I will look around in your group and see what I can learn before I start trying to forward data.


Howzit Brad,

I am running two ECM-1240s and ecmread v 2.4.4.



I'm currently trying to setup a brultech greeneye monitor. Right now I've got it on my bench, just trying to get the DS18 temp probes to record temp. I haven't much got farther then that at the moment. It eventually is going in my home, but wanted to get all the kinks worked out before I install it..

Hi Brad,

Looking forward to do my part in help saving the planet!  Innocent



hi brad, we have 8 ecm-1240 devices monitoring 50-some circuits.  we started with ecmread.py from marc merlins - it looks like you did some hacking on that python code along the way.  since then (december 2011) i have modified the python code considerably.  now it supports multiple ecm devices and uploads to a bunch of services (seg, plotwatt, enersave, peoplepower, thingspeak, pachube, eragy). m

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