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Sam Sabey

25 Blossom st
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in Australia

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Smart Energy Groups Pty Ltd
ABN: 30 151 207 822

About Smart Energy Groups

Smart Energy Groups is a real time internet based energy management app crafted from the ground up in Australia! It's constructed from modern web technologies, open source hardware and a good deal of magic. It does a lot of amazing things - creating possibilities for people to gain real time insight into their energy performance across many sites, metering points, circuit breakers and anywhere else things can go.

All this helps make the invisible visible - to paint a picture of where to focus on energy efficiency initiatives helping to decide what to do next from insulation, changing lights, instaling solar or just turning stuff off.   We have made some very special robots who's sole purpose is to crunch your data and analyse it so people can have stunning visualisations about what is going on. It's made for everybody to learn, share and understand.

Smart Energy Groups loves the Internet of Things technology - particuarly when it comes to making things that just work, and keep on working and working. All our stuff plays together and has been made to fit existing sites - from the simplest to the most complex building.

We make custom hand made energy management hardware and provide with turn key implementation services to help people get going. Or you can Do It Yourself! Pick your journey and we can help make it happen! We would also like to help people all around the world build businesses to serve their local customers working together to help save energy.

The system hardware is modular, just like Lego! Extend, modify, re-deploy and add to your system as time goes, and it's not all energy either, our app supports a host of other measurements like temperature, humidity, light, CO2, proximity and other sensors that integrate with our platform that can often help correlate energy performance.

And our app can also control things, using simple on/off switches, timers, parametric data driven controls and other algorithms to help automate energy savings.

We also provide remote and on-site support services designed to ensure your system is running and working the way it should. We are totally committed to our customers and helping save energy.

So come on! Join us! Get involved, sign up and be part of building our Smart Energy Future.

Sam, @samotage


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