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My GEM installation - part 2, sub panel

published, Aug 28, 2012 4:05pm
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The sub panel is much the same as the main panel installation was. Since it's new, the wiring job is obviously much cleaner. Note that this panel uses AFCIs for the bedrooms - Arc Fault Circuit Interruptors, a code requirement in NJ.

Sub panel

The CTs are attached to the hot side of each circuit breaker. Again, only do this kind of work when you are comfortable and understand the risks. The bus bars are exposed in this installation, and power to the panel must be disconnected before working on it. Notice that the panel feed doesn't have CTs on them: I do monitor the sub panel load, but I do that in the main panel. All CT leads are bundled together, zip-tied, and exit the panel at the bottom through a nippel (to avoid chafe).

Sub panel CTs


A detailed view of the CTs.

Sub panel CTs detail


This is the junction box, with all connections made, and the cables dressed. There are three CAT5 cables (G through I), but the one in front is a spare for future use. As before, I connector the CT leads and the CAT5 using 3M crimp connectors. The CAT5 exits through a nipple in the back of the splice box, through the mounting board.

sub panel CT splices


And this is what the finished result looks like. As before, a simple cover take the guesswork out what is in it. The CAT5 wires in this case run behind the mounting board, up to the joist bay, and from there to the GEM.

Sub panel CT finished


The next part will cover the GEM installation and wiring.


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Yikes! Those bus bar connectors are a little spooky!  Here in Aus, the unused ones are coverd in dipped plastic which is removed when a beaker is fitted.

A little tip, I use plastic boxers for junctions etc - and these can be cleaned right up by butting them next to the board.  This saves the muck around with glands and conduits.

Sam, @samotage

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