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Sep 19, 2012 1:59am
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Hi Sam,

Started looking at the p_a W & e_a kWh streams since adding a 2nd sensor/channel (Lighting Power), and they don't seem to be adding up.

eg, yesterday the added stream showed 3.7 kWh for the day, but the 2 channels were 2.68 kWh + 0.14 kWh (Expecting the total to be 2.82kWh).

Looking at the the arduino code (v18), is it possible this line I need to change?

define MATHABLE_CHANNELS 4 // this setting tells how many channels will be summed together.

As I'm only trying to add 2 channels together, maybe some random numbers are getting into the maths? Should I change this value to 2? (3rd channel is a spare atm)

(site 9#########2 (node dargs ? (p_1 38.18)(e_1 0.04)(p_2 0.00)(e_2 0.00)(p_3 0.00)(e_3 0.00)(p_a 38.22)(e_a 0.05)))
Looking at the Trace, I can see the Sum isn't quite right, the Stream1 = 38.18 W, Stream2 = 0, total = 38.22

Any ideas?


Sep 19, 2012 5:09am
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Hey Simon,

Im suspecting a rounding error goin on inside the arduino codes...  It pops up adding the minimals on _2 and _3 Try hunting for that.

Sam, @samotage

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Forums The Open Grid Summed channels/streams derived by adding

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