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Oct 22, 2012 1:32am
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My energy data looks wonky.  I found this update at http://lancet.mit.edu/~mwall/projects/power/

What does this mean to those of us that have already uploaded data?  I suspect this may be why my energy readings are wonky.  Is there a way to fix this for my existing data?  I switched to 2.4.5-b2 yesterday, but I don't see much improvement today.  Is that because my devices already have a huge kwh?  Or am I using the wrong widgets?  Do I need to start over and lose my history?


Smart Energy Groups expects delta, not cumulative

Smart Energy Groups expects a delta reading for energy, not a cumulative reading. Release 2.4.5 includes this change. Note that you can fix this at the server side by processing the readings when they are posted to your account at SEG.

ecmread 2.4.5-b2

Oct 22, 2012 2:49am
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i'm working on btmon.py - the beta is fairly stable, but there are still a few more
adjustments to RRD and DB schemas before it comes out of beta.  btmon is
considerably more robust than ecmread, and it has a polling mode that
significantly improves performance on serial lines with multiplexed ECM
devices (or GEM for that matter).

ecmread 2.4.5 has the cumulative/delta fix for SEG.  as you noted, the
cumulative is so large you probably do not see the new deltas.

you can salvage your existing data by doing this:

1) download energy data from SEG
2) process the energy data so that each entry is a delta from the previous instead of cumulative
3) delete the energy data from SEG
4) upload the new energy data to SEG

btw, where are the instructions for how to do markup in the SEG forum?
everything i type runs together into a single paragraph...

Oct 22, 2012 3:26am
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nevermind about the markup - the editor does not work properly in my web browsers (opera, chrome)

Oct 22, 2012 3:41am
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Try HTML normal, p b etc tags, that all th editor makes, and chrome works for me.

Sam, @samotage

Nov 4, 2012 4:56pm
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btmon 3.0.1 is now available at http://lancet.mit.edu/mwall/projects/power

btmon reads data from brultech devices (GEM, ECM-1240, ECM-1220) then saves it locally (database, RRD) or remotely (e.g. SmartEnergyGroups).  it uses little memory and runs on any platform with Python 2.6, including Windows.  it is particularly well-suited to linux-based plug computers.

this release includes bulk uploads for SEG - btmon will collect data at a high rate, say every 10 seconds, then upload those data periodically in a single upload, say every 5 minutes.

many configurations are possible, for example use btmon to store data in a MySQL database, then use a second instance of btmon to periodically upload data from the MySQL database to hosted services such as SmartEnergyGroups.

btmon.py replaces ecmread.py and other pyecm derivatives.

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