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Jul 8, 2012 2:39am
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Hey All,

Awesome to see all the Brultech people up on SEG!

I was asked a question a little while ago about the Watt Second for the energcoming out of the ECM's and have been working through this lat night with one of the SEG members.

It's not going to be feasible to make SEG handle the watt second energy values and make them play nice with everything else right now. To then deal with this, I've got two solutions / workarounds and suggestions

1.  I'd recommend changing the ECM uploaded to perform the conversion to Watt Hours I.e divide the values by 3600.

2.  If the above is not feasible for what ever reason there is a calibration factor in SEG for each energy stream that will multiply the incoming data by 0.0002777778 which is 1/3600 for the mathematicians.  This does the conversion.

Now... If anyone has any data they would like converted in SEG let me know at sam at smartenergygroups.com. I can have the robots do some jobs to perform option 2 for all your data and re calculate all aggregations etc.

The other thing I would recommend is increasing the time interval from 10 seconds to 45 seconds.  This will do a couple of things, reduce rounding problems from the above by a factor of 5 and also provide a better viewable resolution of the raw data over a longer period - a win!

Anyway, let me know if anyone has any questions.

Also, if you like I can also host your uploaded too - Brad let me know if you'd like me to do this :)

Thanks again!

Sam, @samotage

Dec 14, 2012 10:18pm
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An addendum for calculated streams!

Please make sure that your calibration details are set properly for Calculated Streams, and the Calibration Factor should be 1 unless it needs tweaking.  Check the child streams units and do some maths to work out if it really really needs changing.

If this is set to the 0.0002777778 then the calc reslts will likely be zero or incorrect!


Sam @samotage

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