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Forums SEGmeter Is the SEGMeter kit expandable to more than 6 channels?

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Sep 5, 2013 1:03pm
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I noticed the SEGMeter 1.0 kit is limited to 6 channels. I there a way to get it up to 8 channels, or even more via additional modules? Alternatively are there plans to release the SEGMeter 2.5 as a kit?


A little background: I have a home renovation project underway in Pennsylvania. As part of this work we added a new sub-panel with 8 circuits and are upgrading the main house to 200 amp service. I am interested in monitoring at least this new work in the sub-panel, so 7 15/20 amp 110v circuits and 1 30 amp 220v for a heat-pump.  I’d like to build a SEGMeter kit to monitor this new work and then in the future expand to handle the rest of the house via the main 200-amp panel in the basement. I’d use either additional SEGMeters or a GEM for the main panel.

I am interested in building the SEGMeter kit to get started and learn more about home energy monitoring. Only problem is the 6 channel limit is too low for the 8 new circuits I have. I also have an existing setup based on ardunio and raspberry pi: I already have 1-wire temperature sensors embedded in the new construction (2 exterior and 2 interior) and also have an ambient weather ws1080 weather station. The temp sensors talk to a raspberry pi via 1-wire and the weather station talks to the pi via USB and the most excellent pywws python code http://www.jim-easterbrook.me.uk/weather/. I use local log files and xively so far to hold the data, ideally SEG in the future for all data. I use arduino to test out new sensors or to handle analog inputs. I’d like to explore getting the arduino-based SEGMeter to talk with Rasperry Pi (this should really be a separate thread :))


So back to the basic question – can I use the SEGMeter kit to handle 8 channels so should I just buy the SEGMeter 2.5? Any plans to release the 2.5 as a kit?




Matt Jezyk

Sep 9, 2013 5:03am
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Hey Matt,

A long time ago now it seems... I souped up the channels on the SEGmeter V1, by stacking the boards together, to either a 12 or 16 channel config.

The V1 uses the internal 10bit ADC on the AVR, and to do this it needs one of those fancy ArduinoMegas, I used a lot of the Seeed studio ones that had a small form factor.  The stacking was done with stackable headers, with the analog pins of the higher decks being wire hacked to the extra analog pins on the Mega.

The SEGmeter V2 built on this, and is also stackable to 16 channels with an expansion board.

There are a few Version 2.1 boards left that may be kitted, but there are a lot of through hole componets, and the assembly is really finickity as anything but pro-soldering can interfere with the 12bit ADC circuit.

In terms of the cost of the Mega, the additional V1 board, and the time to hack (there is software for the V1 stack)


It's probably better to get a 2.5 which is ready to roll and you can spend more time on the actual fun of energy management ;)

Sam, @samotage

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Forums SEGmeter Is the SEGMeter kit expandable to more than 6 channels?

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