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Apr 11, 2018 1:16pm
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We are having problems in getting content with variables translated. When a variable is located at the end of a heading in the source file the segment generated by lingo stops just before the variable.source: <h2>Calculating a <MadCap:variable name="GUI_Terms.Thing" /></h2>target:<h2><MadCap:segment>Calculating a </MadCap:segment><MadCap:variable name="GUI_Terms.Thing" /></h2>This means that our translators can't see the variable or move it to accomodate local syntax.We are using lingo V3, this may have been fixed in the later versions. I see that in V4 this kind of behavior for bold, underlined etc. text was fixed, but was wondering if the same applies to variables.

Please help.

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Forums SEGmeter Segmentation problem with variables

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