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Nov 13, 2010 11:58pm
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Hi Sam

I notice on github that you have been busy with some segmeter.pde updates. Thanks! Is seg_meter_v0_12.pde very different from the previous version – is there a “what’s changed” summary or readme file?

Looks like the aiko_gateway.lua and aiko_configuration.lua files are unchanged. So does the change to the v0_12 require any other updates.



Nov 14, 2010 12:06am
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Hey Rob,

There are quite a few mods, not to general operation – however some rough controllability code is in the new Arduino sketch.  It’s not fully fleshed, as I’m still working with Andy on the gateway side of things to pass the commands through.

At the moment, I’d consider this still developmental and git has an awesome change tracker.  Major changes are commented in the commit notes, and it does require a little reading though.

The core SEGmeter stuff is relatively unchanged except for some new sensor types that are now up in the shop.


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Forums SEGmeter Segmeter software versions.

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