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Forums SEGmeter Segmentation Violation when loading new mechanism

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May 19, 2018 6:04am
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I am trying to insert the following mechanism into all sections of my cell model. This mechanism is designed to assist in the calculation of the extracellular voltage around a neuron, and was taken directly from a working cell model. I do believe Ted wrote this code All I am trying to do is insert this mechanism into each section of my cell simply using forall like this.I have no issue with this, and can verify that each section now has the extra mechanism. Additionally, the model runs perfectly without this mechanism inserted. However, upon initializing the simulation, I get a segmentation violation. I have read that segmentation violations can be caused by improper use of Random number generators in breakpoints of mod files, but there are none in this particular mod file. Can anyone help out?

Please help.

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Forums SEGmeter Segmentation Violation when loading new mechanism

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