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Apr 9, 2011 10:37pm
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Anybody has  a Entire component list for SEGMeter ?

I buyed  9 boards. I intend mount all components

for SEGMETER grid project.

Best Regards,


Jorge Orengo


Apr 10, 2011 12:54am
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Hey Jorge,

The necessary components are pictured and listed on each item in the shop. They are also pictured in detail in the necesry build guides.

All parts are relatively standard and interchangeable, and it's even possible to adjust some values to suit your own tastes.

For special parts, e.g the 3.3G regulator, the parts numbers are labelled on the boards, and also clearly pictured.

There are also some other threads on various parts etc.

Hope this helps!



Apr 10, 2011 2:14am
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Thanks Sam.

The capacitor value is 1uF ?

I Think use a split core TC Sensor :


The output current is 0-33mA. It´s Works with SGMETER board ?

Best Regards,





Apr 10, 2011 4:01am
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Correct, 1uF.

These sensors aren't the best option for SEGmeter, which expects a voltage input.  There are a huge range of sensors out there, and you could posibly engineer this to work some how nd then do all the calibrations to make them work linearly.

The ones we sell are checked, they work, and are calibrated in our codeline.

A couple of things to think about, but the choice is yours!



Apr 19, 2011 8:53am
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Part list compiled from the individual shop items:

Part list SEGmeter v1.0 Kit

1 SEGmeter v1.0 PCB
1 2.1mm female DC power socket
1 3mm LED's (Red)
1 3mm LED's (Yellow)
1 3mm LED's (Green)
3 150ohm resistors
3 100nf capacitors
6 100Kohm resistors
2 6 pin 2.5mm male headers
2 8 pin 2.5mm male headers

Part list for each 5mm Sensor Kit
1 5mm CSLT hall effect sensor Honeywell CSLT6B100
1 3.5mm plug and attached cable
1 medium pre-cut heat shrink
2 small pre-cut heat shrink
1 3.5mm stereo jack
1 100 nf capacitor 
1 1uf capacitor
1 22 ohm resistor

Part list Zigbee Kit
1 3.3v 1A LM1117 voltage regulator (SOT-223 SMD package) 
1 2.5mm 10uf tantalum capacitor (5v or higher)
2 10Kohm resistors
2 2.0mm 10pin female header sockets

Part list Temperature Kit
1 DS18B20 digital temperature sensor IC
1 4.7K ohm carbon film resistor
1 3-pin 2.5mm male header

Part list Relay Kit
1 Reed Relay (8 pin, as pictured)
1 1N5711 Diode
1 4-pin 2.5mm male header



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