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May 16, 2011 9:39pm
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Just Opened the goodies from Sam, to monitor the consumption in UK. Oredered Segmeter V1, Arduino Pro configured for 4 sensors, Xbee Node, Xbee Gateway, Segbox.

Plan is to enclose the Segmeter with Xbee node to be located near the switchboard and have the Segbox+Xbee Gateway other side of the house, where the cable router is.

Before putting soldering iron to the board, In the mode I wish to use, am I correct in presuming, the XBEE node sits on top of the Segmeter Board and the ArduinoPro sits directly under the Segmeter board. ie.. the Segmeter Board is sandwiched between the Xbee and the Arduino.

Hoping the above is correct, as I could not find a picture anywhere hinting on this.

Once I have the basic wireless setup, I hope to increase the inputs to 6 current sensors of some sort. 2 x 13mm and 2 x 5mm CLT types, plus 2 others.

The 13mm have a coil resistance of 24Ohms and the others I found are 30ish Ohm, so there will be differences between the two sensors interfacing to the Arduino.

Preference is to have 6 current sensors, however, the 240v ring-main circuit using 2.5mm wires may be too thick to thread both start/finish of the ring through the 5mm sensor. (Normally the 2.5mm Twin&Earth reel of cable or odd pieces are in the Garage, when you need it, its not where you thought you left it.)

I shall start on the kit this weekend.

The Switchboard has 10active breakers, may be I need a second unit.. shall see


May 23, 2011 9:22pm
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Almost all bits together and powered up. Few queries I need response on plse,

1) On the Segbox with a Zigbee Kit board, what is the Tx/Rx detail between the WL520GU and the Zigbee Kit board

2) Does Auto Discovery in My Things, will it discover the 4 sensors or do I add it in as my devices. If so where can I find the details, I ve looked. My Segmeter is 4 sensors + Temp kit.

3) Is there a similar but bigger 5mm CSLT sensor,  as the hole is tad small to accomadate the 2 Live wires in the UK ring mains wiring. Rather not use the 13mm clamps, as they fill up the switchboard.

4) Is it possible to use a Arduino unit, that can support more than 6 ADC inputs with this setup.


Fun and games with the Segbox, it locked up and lost the network file and potentially others when it froze during the initial network config. Brought it back to life, as per the Open Grid forum article from Sam on configuring a wl520 with openWRT. Spend a few hours on this and tripped myself on the lack of site_key not being configured on the aiko_configuration.lua..  Live and learn.

Once the basic 4sensor Segmeter works, I will max it to 6 or more Sensor.

May 23, 2011 10:45pm
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Hey Mano,

Well done!

- your assumptions are correct, the SEGmeter sits on top of Arduino as a shield, and keeps on stacking up in classic arduino fashion.

- the 13mm and 5mm are different sensing technology, the 5mm is an active hall sensor, and requires a 5V DC power.  Both of these sensors have been matched with software in the SEGmeter codeline available on github.

- for your 2.5mm wires, it's usually possible to fit two through, sometimes it's a squeeze!  On several occasions, we shave a small amount of insulation from the 2.5mm wire to allow two to pass.  Another option would be to strip an 3cm of wire from the two 2.5's.  Then twist them together and put 2 layers of heat shrink around the 3cm twisted part.  Leave about 1 cm exposed to terminate in the breaker, and cable tie the 5mm sensor just below on the heat shrink insulated section.

- Zigbee works well to mesh a second, third, fourth unit together!

- The serial pinout from the OpenWRT is attached.

- The Discovery in SEG will create everything for you!

- It's possible to use an Arduino Mega, seeedstudios have a great version, and stack SEGmeter boards.  We are doing that a bit here in Australia.

Its interesting that the device froze on you during config...  It's likely the watchdog piped in.  It's configured to reboot the wan interface every 2 minutes if it can't ping google, and reboot after 30 minutes.  Perhaps this is what happened?

Maybe we should increase this time a little...


created on: 05/24/11


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