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May 30, 2011 5:02am
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Hi guys,

I rent and live in a little studio apartment, and don't have _much_ cause to use the internet at home currently. However, I also have a SEGmeter which is not working at the moment because of the lack of internet pipes!

I would like to rig up a fairly cheap solution to provide some intertoobz to my house, and thus to connect my SEGmeter and begin tracking my energy usage. I've been looking at Unwired, but have recently been told there might be a more elegant (and cheaper) hack. Any ideas? Please keep in mind...

1) Cost. I'm happy to spend a bit to set up the system, but would prefer no serious contracts. Also, no 'installation' fee is a bonus (a landline is about $350 for my area...so it needs to be multitudes cheaper than that). 

2) I'd love some idea about how to configure your suggestions for ultimate security-for-a-noob. That is, I don't want people to be able to use my internet. I can configure my SEGmeter to talk to the tubes (I've done this before) and that was about the extent of my network knowledge. 

3) I'd like to keep the internet on allday, so that the SEGmeter can talk to it all day, so keep ongoing costs in mind. Prepaid plans, thus, will probably suck because they will expire etc etc. 

What do you think? Anything I've missed out? 

Cheers and thanks for any advice!

May 30, 2011 5:07am
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I've tried one of these:


It's ok when it's booted up, but for an always on connection, it' seems to drop out after a couple of days.

Always up needs to be one of the specific requirements, otherwise SEGmeter will get a little lonely.



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Forums SEGmeter Best option for 'unwired' type of internet

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