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May 31, 2011 2:56am
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Hi All,

I just need a bit of advice with out new SEG starter kit. I have completed the SEG Meter circuit board. My question is, how exactly do I connect the SEG Meter board to the SEG Wireless Box Board? Does this connection also power the SEG meter board as well? Your help appreciated. 

May 31, 2011 4:02am
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Hey laet,

There are two ways to connect the SEGmeter.

1.  We normally use the UART (serial data connection) on top of the SEGmeter board in the middle, and this gets wired with a 5V supply to the internal 5V supply of the SEGbox and the internal serial port pins.  This is the complex way and the SEGbox needs to be configured in software correctly with this for the ser2net device.

2.  Your SEGbox has been configured for USB, which means just connect the USB port on the SEGmeter to the SEGbox, which will provide power and the data link.  

Note, it may be necessary to put a small piece of electrical tape over the large USB port on the Arduino - this will stop any potential shorting with the SEGmeter circuit board!



May 31, 2011 11:53pm
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Ah ha - IC. Arduino plugs in underneath the SEG board then USB to SEG box now its clear :)

May 31, 2011 11:57pm
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Great stuff!



Dec 29, 2013 2:30am
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Hey Steve,

The SEGmeter outputs serial TTY messages, no USB is needed.  The 6 pin header on the SEGbox dragon shield has power, 5V and 12V on the non rectangular model :D

For a V1 SEGmeter, make sure the 5V and Ground go to the UART header in the middle of the blue V1.  


RX on the SEGmeter to the TX on the dragon shield

TX on the SEGmeter to the RX on the dragon shield

For V1, a straight up 6 pin connector will connect them all perfectly!

Let me know how you get on.


Sam @samotage


protip search in google and add site:.smartenergygroups.com after your query :D

Jan 2, 2014 2:42am
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Hey Steve,

I know your pain with the sensors... You need one with a voltage output, which if you have a current output one you can add a burden resistor with a value appropriate to get the correct voltage.

The V1 uses the internal 1.1V reference, the eleven is a good platform - @jonoxer and co do a great job.  ! Though I had some difficulty once upon a time with it's USB not being FTDI, but serial tty works just fine.


Is the last good v1 code line.

The V2 is different, a different filter circuit and external ADC measurement.

Sam, @samotage

Jan 2, 2014 2:43am
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The 030 will still need calibration for a V1, it could be just 1/2 the 060 however the V1 has some anomolies in terms of measurement (fixed in V2)

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