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Mar 11, 2017 10:54am
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V2.5 Build Log

I use the v1 of the kit with 6 channel kit, purchased back in 2011 and soon after V2 with more channels started to be discussed.
6 Years later (2017), I ordered the v2.5 Segmeter and v2 Segbox as baked boards, so I can upgrade and retire the V1 setup.

The boards arrived, A red and a blue board, small and compact, neat.  Sam had pre-configured the board to use the 60Amp Blue clamp sensors, so the first task re-configure the board to use a mix of 60Amp and 5mm CSLT sensors. Sam also supplied the sketch needed specific to my supplied board.

Since 2011, 2 laptops and moved to Mac and during this lost all the details on how to configure and which version of Ardunio version is required.

Following a email chat with Sam,
We need to use version 0021 (unsupported verion) and the various support libraries from the as in the build guide.
Also, you will need a FTDI cable, correctly wired to plug onto the v2.5 board.

As I am now on OS X Sierra, initial attempts to connect the 0021 to the USB-FTDI was a challenge too far, so I cheated by running a windows client under VM and programmed the v2.5 board to my requirments.
Setting up the v2 Segbox, was easy as long as you follow the instructions.
Built a couple of 5mm CSLT sensors, and connected all the boards up and powered up.

On the Web Mydevice showed up. Hooray.

Waited for the 2 CSLT sensors to show the power going through them, waited and waited for 10mins. Nothing, just noise.
Checked the wiring on the CSLT, all looks OK but the sensors need Gnd, 5V and Signal connections. No 5Volt being fed to the sensors.

The board is small, using SMD bits, so out come the Magnifying Glass, trace the tracks and on the left just by the sensor connectors is a 5V solder connection pad, marked 5V Sensors.
Lump of solder across the pads to join, power up, Sensor's now reporting correctly.

Next Job: Crawl by the fuse-board unplug the V1, add a few more sensors and reconnect up all on V2.5, may be next weekend

Mar 12, 2017 10:04am
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Could not wait, all 8 channels conneted, gadgets re-aligned to v2.5. Job done.


Mar 13, 2017 6:15am
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Well done Mano!

Ahh yes... the 5V jumper ;)

Sam, @samotage

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