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Oct 5, 2012 5:39am
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  Real Estate in Cochin  is a hot topic under discussion in various circles.  People from the other parts of the state and also the investors from all over the country now enquire more about the status of the real estate developments in the hot property market in Kerala.  Investments in this destination give more returns within a short period of time.  Most of the time, the Information counter of the leading builders and property developers attend to these enquiries.
The increase in the number of technical and trade enquiries is a testimony to the awareness and the interest among the prospective investors regarding the continuing boom in real estate in Cochin.  Not only that this hot destination has emerged as the most favored investment destination in the state.  Just an announcement of a major real estate project is enough to generate scores of trade enquiries from different parts of the country.
The increase in the inflow of investments from other parts of the globe is another aspect worth mentioning.  Most builders now acknowledge that more than 40 percent of the trade enquiries now actually turn into real solid investments.  While in earlier times the marketing executives had to run after prospective clients, the information revolution has effected major changes.  Today people come to the leading builders and realtors on their own and make enquiries.
To increase the sales, some of the leading builders have now come up with the concept of a ‘mock-up apartment’, which gives an overview of the various amenities and the unique ambience on offer.  The mock-ups have now succeeded in forcing many to sign up for an apartment.  Since ‘seeing is believing’, almost all the aspirations and dreams of a prospective customer is fully met at first sight.  The questions and queries marketing executives have to answer are less and they now find it easier to close a sale within a short span of time.  With the increase in the trade enquiries, in the future, some of the leading realtors will have to utilize the services of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to serve their customers better.

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Forums Chitchat and banter Managing Technical and Trade Enquiries in Cochin

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