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Aug 30, 2015 3:53pm
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Hello JP,

This sounds correct because your water isn't running all the time. You should be using multiple charts, graphs, dials to help you track the water flow. One would track accumulated volume, while using the round dials would show instant water use etc.


Other charts would show trends over time. Go take a look at my public profile and you will see how I track live events and long durations using various widgets in SEG.

Aug 30, 2015 4:26pm
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Im confused...

if the timing is NOT perfect..... 

ie ... GEM has a counter value.. it refreshes and it wipes out that value and post a new packet

...  THEN ..  SEG reads the data... its going to get the zero value and never know about the original value??..  no?? 






Aug 30, 2015 5:58pm
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Hello JP,

Perhaps I need to explain it a different way. I am not sure what *Widget* you're using to track the water in SEG. But for example if you were to use the round dial my expectation is when water was running there would be a value indicated for example say 3.

Once the water flow stopped that round dial would show 0. Now obviously using one of the round dials is great to see live events etc. But isnt very good to track history over a long period of time.

As indicated my humble suggestion would be to pick a few widgets that allow you to track, record, these water pulses over time. There are many charts and graphs that do this in SEG now.

I personally don't have my water / gas being monitored yet but will so in the near future. 

Can you provide me a screen shot or a link to your site so we can see what kind of widget is in use now?


Aug 30, 2015 6:55pm
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I think you miss my problem in the last email.. The meter or chart that i use does not really matter at this point....  my problem is this.....ill try to explain better....


my counter counts.....  say a value of 34....  that gets posetd to the "packet" informatin in the gem.... I can see it there ....  after 8 seconds .... the gem refreshs its data.... when it refreshes...for some reason that value gets set to zero?...


now the seg...is on a 33 second refresh rate....  so if the seg refreash NOW (after tge GEM refresh)  it will read the value of zero... and SEG would never know about the value of 34 it was surpose to receive.... 

so my problem being... SEG reads the zero... no graph or dial will every know about the value  34 which.. of course is what we neeed...??



Aug 31, 2015 4:57pm
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Hello JP,

I just wanted to clarify a few things in case we have a misunderstanding. In the GEM's internal web page there is a *Live View* which can show you all the channels whether it be 32 circuits, 8 temps, 4 pulse, and volts.

This page displays the live data in 8 second intervals. This has no relations to anything else in the GEM besides allowing the end user to see the data with out the aid of any other software or cloud hosted services like SEG.

Its intent and goal is part for diagnostics and for short term viewing.

Now, having said this and clarified the above. The GEM will send any data it has to what ever service or device you have on site or off site like SEG. The send interval can be changed to what ever time you wish. Keeping in mind what I said about not sending it lower than 30 seconds due to rouding errors etc.

(IF) you use one of the round dials this widget will show instant values as they come in. It has no ability to track, record, or show any history of anything that came before it at all.

Again, as I stated this is why you would use any other graph / chart that WOULD allow you to record and track those data packs.

In short you need to tell me what charts, graphs, widget, etc you're using to at least see what is going on as I have no reference at this point at all.

Keeping in mind if we are talking about pulse events like the other channels they also have counter values that accumulate like the watt seconds etc.

1. So two things, please provide me with a direct link to your SEG site so I can see what widgets you're using.

2. Have you confirmed that the pulse channel is in fact actually coming into SEG? Because it makes no difference what widget you use in SEG if the data is not even being sent.

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