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Oct 29, 2015 3:11am
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Samotage: Thanks for all your hard work on this over the years.  I totally understand your need to make some money on this somehow.  I have noticed that I have two streams for every item:  

Power Stream: kW   - I think this is the measurement right now.

Energy Stream:  kWh  - I think this is the measurement since the last update

Is my description correct?

Do I really need both of these?  (sorry for my lack of knoweldge)  It would seem the kWh would be more useful, but I absolutly could be wrong.  

Can I drop one of them?  If so which one should I drop?

(I did change my update interval to 120.)

I have a Brultech GEM.


Oct 29, 2015 5:25am
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Hey Carlos,

The two are similar yet different.  

Think of

kW - or Power as the speedo in your car, how fast you are going at any point in time.

kWh - or energy as the odometer, how far travelled.

Of course the two are related!

kW is the first to consider dropping, except for say a couple, such as the main supply or solar generation, air conditioning etc.  There is less point in kW for thinks like individual power outlets, lights etc.

I know GEM comes with lots of channels - however with all the measurement comes loads of data.  Having too much data can cloud the picture, making things harder to understand, something that most people don't consider, but data analysts know.  The trick is working out what is important!

Hope this helps.


Sam, @samotage


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