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Dec 23, 2013 12:42am
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Sam - just getting back to working on segmeter. Was able to boot it up while cabled through my laptop, which had a connection to the internet. And could browse from segmeter just fine. My next step: how to enable the wifi directly from the segmeter without the laptop in the picture.

Now that I have a sensor connected, then rebooted the box, assume it would auto-connected via wifi - not quite that simple so I must be missing something. Can you advise?



Dec 23, 2013 12:45am
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Hey Steve,

If you can browse the innertubing with the ethernet cable in, then it's 97% likely that all is good.

The next thing you need to do is while your cable is in, go to discover!


Start this off, and then reboot your SEGbox, sit back and watch!

Let me know in this thread how you get on.

Sam, @samotage

Aug 12, 2014 3:23am
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Hi Sam

we have exactly the same problem. We have internet with cable but won't discover with this msg:

it's taken too long.. and the discovery has timed out.

Have tried rebooting many times. does the ringmaster have to initiate discovery? how can we change the ringmaster??

The full story is this... we set up the brand new SEGs meter in the office for testing with me as ringmaster and everything was sweet! Wifi, sensors, everyone in group could see the data. 

Then the unit got taken to site to be programmed to a client's wifi router... and it gets 97% there as described in your post but won't discover and won't connect to wifi router without the cable. 

i've invited you to our group to see if you can help - thanks!

P.S. Lots of people asking for channel monitoring (customers from a particular Vic elec distributor - you know who i mean!) so we're looking to streamline this process... but looks like dashboard and everything needs to be set up on site/ afterwards (rather than trying anything before). any advice much appreciated thanks


Aug 12, 2014 8:51am
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Hey Miwa,

The "Ringmaster" is the owner of the group who chooses to share stuff with other people.  The Ringmaster is also the owner of the stuff being connected.

So do this:

1. Log in as the user whom the SEGbox has last used the device and had it associate with a site.

2. Delete the site the SEGbox/SEGmeter is associated, or go into edit and unlink the SEGbox.

3. Make sure the system is offline for the device, this may mean waiting a while or waiting as long as three of four update cycles, i.e. if the SEGmeter is sending data every minute, wait 4 minutes or so.  The data rate statistic will help with this.

4. When this is done, the SEGbox/SEGmeter is no longer associated.

5. Log in as the other user or even the same user.

6. Turn the system off.

7. Start discovery again for the appropriate site.

8. Get out the popcorn!

Hope this helps!

...note if you know about ssh, this can be done a whole different way ;)

Sam @samotage

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Forums Getting Started Getting SEGbox connected and rolling

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