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Forums Getting Started API - wH vs kWh and dashboard inconsistancies

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Jan 28, 2015 6:08pm
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Hi, I've written a SmartApp for use with SmartThings to get energy meter data into SEG (https://github.com/bdwilson/SEG-Logger), however I seem to be running into an issue.

I've got two meters at my house, both report watts and kWh (kWh being the amount used since last reset - I can reset this on demand).  I've successfully sent this data using the above app to the API.   Now is when the problems begin.

If I look at the two devices on SEG, the raw data shows kWh (lets use 53.02 for this example). I know SEG does Wh, so I've tried both using the calibration option to multiply the data by 1000 (giving me 5302.00) and pre-multiplying the data before i send it to SEG .  I also check the "kilo" option.  Whenever I do this, the data appears correct when I click on sites and see my two panels and their kWh listed.  However, when I add anything into the Dashboard, it appears the data is way off (maybe by a factor of 1000?).   If I leave the data in the data in it's original kWh format (again, 53.02), the sites page shows "0.05kWh" (wrong) but the dashboard data appears correct.

So I guess I'm looking for advice on the proper way to format the data, options to check, for an energy device panel that is outputting kWh data.  

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Forums Getting Started API - wH vs kWh and dashboard inconsistancies

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