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Jun 3, 2015 3:56pm
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Does everything here look right to you? Because it looks right to me, but it's still failing



2015/06/03 08:34:44 processing with SmartEnergyGroupsProcessor
2015/06/03 08:34:44 2 buffered packets sn:01100133
2015/06/03 08:34:44 1 calculated packets sn:01100133
2015/06/03 08:34:44 SmartEnergyGroupsProcessor: url: http://api.smartenergygroup
headers: {'User-agent': 'btmon/3.1.1'}
data: data_post=(site mysitetoken(node XXX133 2015-06-03T15:34:44Z (p_1 4
.73)(e_1 0.01972)(p_2 1.07)(e_2 0.00444)(p_3 2.33)(e_3 0.00972)(p_4 7.07)(e_4 0.
02944)(p_5 2.13)(e_5 0.00889)(p_6 26.13)(e_6 0.10889)(p_7 4.00)(e_7 0.01667)(p_8
0.20)(e_8 0.00083)(p_9 18.27)(e_9 0.07611)(p_10 5.00)(e_10 0.02083)(p_11 5.80)(
e_11 0.02417)(p_12 893.07)(e_12 3.72111)(p_13 2.80)(e_13 0.01167)(p_14 0.07)(e_1
4 0.00028)(p_15 1.27)(e_15 0.00528)(p_16 9.67)(e_16 0.04028)(p_17 1.93)(e_17 0.0
0806)(p_18 0.33)(e_18 0.00139)(p_19 1.20)(e_19 0.00500)(p_20 0.07)(e_20 0.00028)
(p_21 1.67)(e_21 0.00694)(p_22 1.20)(e_22 0.00500)(p_23 2.00)(e_23 0.00833)(p_24
-0.00)(e_24 0.00000)(p_25 -0.00)(e_25 0.00000)(p_26 -0.00)(e_26 0.00000)(p_27 -
0.00)(e_27 0.00000)(p_28 -0.00)(e_28 0.00000)(p_29 -0.00)(e_29 0.00000)(p_30 -0.
00)(e_30 0.00000)(p_31 -0.00)(e_31 0.00000)(p_32 794.47)(e_32 3.31028)(n_p1 4405
76)(n_p2 417798)(n_p3 6292998)(n_p4 394756)(temperature_t1 0.00)(temperature_t2
0.00)(temperature_t3 0.00)(temperature_t4 0.00)(temperature_t5 0.00)(temperature
_t6 0.00)(temperature_t7 0.00)(temperature_t8 0.00)))
2015/06/03 08:34:45 SmartEnergyGroupsProcessor: 49B url, 1085B payload
2015/06/03 08:34:45 SmartEnergyGroupsProcessor: url: http://api.smartenergygroup
response: Server: nginx
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 2015 15:35:08 GMT
Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Connection: close
Status: 200 OK
Cache-Control: no-cache
X-Runtime: 27

2015/06/03 08:34:45 SEG: upload failed: (status nothing_processed)

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