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Jan 11, 2014 3:51pm
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Hi i want to share with people a nice project from Max Ritter.

The Cheap-Thermocam is a portable and easy to use thermographic scanner. Two servos  are controlled by an arduino mikrocontroller. They move the infrared sensor over the target area. The resolution of the thermographic image is 64x48 pixel (= 3072 single measured points) and is interpolated to an output picture of 640x480 pixel.


You can power the device with a standard usb wall adaptor or an usb storage battery to make it portable. The display leads you throught the image creation procedure. It can be controlled over a rotary encoder on the side. It takes about 3 minutes to create a full image, as the sensor has to be shifted over the whole area like a scanner does. Afterwards, the temperature values are stored on a SD-card and the thermal image is shown on the display.


On the computer, a software written in Java leads you through the process of creating the final thermal image. You select the temperature file from your storage card as well as a photo taken from the area with your usual photo camera or a smartphone.




The user can select between two different colour schemes, add points where the temperature is displayed on the image and modify the colour assigment with sliders. The final image can be saved as a jpg image together or without the optical image.




Thermal images




Hope it helps with your heat at your houses.




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