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May 16, 2018 10:11am
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Hi there,

Looking to record some power/energy data to improve my house energy efficiency. I had few power meters installed around (one AEOTEC Z-Wave Home Energy meter on the main Distribution Board & few AEOTEC Smart Switches with power/energy metering capability on the main power users - fridge, washing machine, audio/video gear,etc.). I have a VERA Lite with UI7, I had tried the in-built Ergy Energy reporting, but is very unstable, the data is stored in the cloud and the raw data is not available for download, hence I removed it. I had tried the DataYours app, I find it very frustrating to set up to, could not make it to work properly and I gave up. I am not overly impressed with VERA, is it very slow to respond to commands to the few devices that I have in the system and not very user-friendly, requires a lot of tinkering to make it work, even for simple things. I don't mind tinkering with gear, but the lack of proper documentation makes it very frustrating and time consuming. I am considering switching to Fibaro HC2, if is any better. I am looking to find out some info about the power/energy metering in the the Fibaro HC2: is the data stored locally or in the cloud? If is stored in the cloud, the raw data is accessible and can be downloaded locally? Can't find anywhere in the documentation how is set the period of data collection (day, month, year, etc...)and the sampling rate ( every min, every 5 min, every hour, whatever...). These parameters are user-accessible somewhere?

Please help.

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