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Mar 8, 2018 1:59pm
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it's been a while... which is a really good thing. Just a brief recap. i'm the CP. been divorced for 4 years, remarried, life is good. We live in Indiana.
now with that said. in our original settlement agreement i had a variation in the transportation guidelines. i had put in there that i was only responsible for no more than 15 miles of transportation. so if she moved 60 away, she had to do 45 of it and i did 15 for pick up (on my end). she did all 60 on her pick up. i did this because her family lives out of town and at the time she had a boyfriend (internet) that lived like 500 miles away.fast forward to today. she moved 2 hours away for her other internet boyfriend (now husband) about a year ago and is having buyers remorse. she never notified me of the move(s) per state law. so we never went to court to modify parenting time and/or transportation. she would like to split the distance. of course i'm saying no. i'm not nostradamous or anyting but i could see the scenario she is now in as a high probablility of happening. that was the main reason why i had it put in there. in my opinion the DSA is working exactly how we intended it. we went for a modification of custody that limited her to EOW mom a year ago before she moved and she never said a word. she was twitterpated with her new guy.'m just going to say no on the splitting transportation and let her take me to court to get it modified, if she can. it's not my fault she keeps moving and cant plan ahead. it's not my fault she can't follow state law regarding move. you guys think this is the right thing to do? should i even respond to her email and if so should i just say no thanks i'm sticking to our DSA? she keeps doing the whole ' not in the kids best interest' thing.


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