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Feb 2, 2009 7:45am
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I note with interest the new Emirates Airbus A-380 arriving into Auckland for its first scheduled flight today. Being a pilot – and interested in these things got me thinking about energy efficiency and practicality….

Some specs to ponder:

  • The Emirates A380 burns up to 20% less fuel per seat than today’s largest aircraft
  • This is the most significant advancement in reducing fuel burn and emissions in four decades
  • Low
    fuel burn means lower C02 emissions. The Emirates A380 produces less
    than 75g of C02 per passenger kilometre, almost half of the European
    target for cars manufactured in 2008

Company hype – or a real step forward? FWIW, it is only 50% as loud as a 747 on takeoff. Your thoughts?

Feb 12, 2009 8:14am
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I read Qantas is strategically moving towards these monster planes for the London/Aus route because:

  • There are limited flight slots – 4 per day based on windows for take off and arrival
  • More passengers per plane means they can grow their market within the above constraints
  • The fuel burn is lower per passenger, and in a peak oil world, economy will become an absolute imperative (like it’s not now…)

I suspect they will ditch the lounges/cabins and in usual Qantas style pack in the sardines like the budget airlines are doing in Europe with the big uns.

Perhaps the big question in my mind, is what will happen to air travel when the oil runs out?


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Forums Transportation Smarter and cleaner air travel?

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