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Feb 5, 2014 8:10pm
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I am looking for a report that will let me get a custom date range of compiled Wh. For instance, I would like to compare my Bill with the readings I get from SEG, sometimes I have a 28 day billing cycle, and sometimes a 32 day billing cycle. I would like to simply select a start and end date and see the resulting Wh reading for the stream I chose. Does this already exist?


Second, I saw the Budget performance widget as a choice, but I cannot figure out how you configure it. If I add it says "Unknown 0.0%" but I can't find the spot to setup that budgetary number either.


As always, thanks for your help and great service.



Feb 10, 2014 2:09am
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Hey Joel,

I have been thinking of something like this, i.e. a custom date range for a while for some of the gadgets.

The budget is an archaic gadget from some time ago...  To use it do this:

  • Go to the stream that it is associated, there will be a Threshold Plugin.
  • Set the treshold to the value of your daily budget.
  • Click notify if you'd like to be sent a message if you go over it.
  • Leave the seconds at 315 or so
  • Set the data source to Days

Then you should find the budget gadget calculates some stuff, which will be percentage under orver etc.

Sam, @samotage



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