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Jul 21, 2011 1:34am
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I was using (an Adafruit inspired) BlueLine Innovations power meter with Google Power*.   But now with (and Microsoft Hohm**)  closing, it would be really nice to see an open standard that can be leveraged with existing hardware out there.

I have a PowerCost Monitor Wifi Gateway that I'm using with the PeoplePower App, but it's not quite the google power I'm used to.

It seems all the power meter software available, require custom hardware/sensors:  "the energy detective", the energy owl, wattvision/killawatt, etc, etc



* shut off as of Sept. 16, 2011   (hopefully, they won't kill off their latest home automation project!)

** shut off as of May 31st, 2012

Jul 21, 2011 3:19am
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Hey Ben,

We've had a couple of enquiries about BlueLine power meters from people out there, and we have even sent BlueLine a message asking them if they would like to get involved with us.  At the moment we haven't heard anything back from them, and we are still waiting.

We are happy for anyone to connect their stuff to SmartEnergyGroups!  We offer SEGmeter to get people going, but it's not the only device.

Perhaps google's power meter and microsofts hohm are examples why open hardware is a very sensible answer.


energy awareness for everybody.


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