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Aryn's Apartment

Hi guys, unfortunately I haven't been able to figure out how to get my current EMS (TED Home Pro) to talk to the SmartEnergyGroups.com site.  If you can help please lemme know.  Thanks!

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  • Real Time Power

    Real time

    Shows a bunch of raw stream data.

    Fine grained and useful for hunting down which appliance is doing what.

    Watch your things go on and off! Also it can be stacked or unstacked, and has a nifty time slider

  • Heatmap


    Pick your energy use hot spots and trends with the heatmap gadget.

    At a glance, see where the hotspots are and how much they used.

    Spot when your day starts, ends and what's going on in between.

    We love the heatmap at smartenergygroups.com

  • Comparison Days

    Time Comparison

    Compare days for a stream

    On the hunt for what's going on?

    This gadget compares the same day the past month, past week, month same quarter last year to spot trends, and other occurrences

    This works with just one stream.

    Help save electrons.

  • Monthly Summary for Energy

    Monthly Summary

    Like to know how much of what energy has been used this month?

    This chart plots monthly totals for each data stream, from the beginning of the month until now.

    Link your streams, and order them to represent your green and black energy

  • Power Totals Report

    Totals by period

    Find out your performance over selectable time periods

    Shows the selected streams performance information for the current and previous period.

  • Stacked Energy Use

    All stacked up

    The real nitty gritty, perhaps one of the more powerful energy gadgets.

    This plots on the half hour just what's transpired, for every energy channel you are measuring.

    This is the chart that will tell you if the lights are on, and who has left the heater running overnight.

    Eight streams is about the useful limit for this gadget!

  • Energy Comparison Report


    Compares various periods. The outer ring is the current period, and the inner ring the earlier period.

    Find out what's changed, where you are doing better, and where not so better

    Identify what to change, and work towards your goal.

  • Devices


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