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A Trampoline

One of the best thing to bounce on, and this includes ideas.  #trampoline Melbourne is an informal un-confrence for people to share what they find amazing.  I've created this group, complete with some of the things I'm bringing along, and I hope, that in the spirit of Trampoline you too may find it amazing! It has:

  • - #bubblino, Tweet this hashtag at #trampoline and it will blow bubbles!
  • - Power meter, monitoring the energy from the main hall
  • - #bifi free mobile wifi
  • - a mobile thing, an internet switch and probably some more stuff!


Have a poke about, and to turn the things here on and off, you need to sign up, then join this group - after all that you will be able to blow bubbles without tweetz.


It seems there are no dashboards linked to this group!


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