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Port Phillip EcoCentre opens EcoMarket

published, Mar 9, 2011 11:30pm
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Smart Energy Groups went along to support the launch of the EcoMarket at the EcoCentre in the St Kilda Botanical Gardens.

created on: 03/10/11

The inaugural market was on Sunday 6th March, and will continue to run on the first Sunday of each month until Winter. The EcoMarket contains a nice mix of product vendors, community organisations and food stalls set up around the outside of the centre. There are also talks during the day on Environmental Sustainability topics.  

created on: 03/10/11created on: 03/10/11

We had a great day soaking up the sun, listening to live music and chatting to folks about managing their energy use. And we got the chance to sit in on the great talk Cate from Green Renters gave on sustainable practices for property renters.

created on: 03/10/11created on: 03/10/11

We had some great conversations with Bede from the EcoCentre, who is very positive about Smart Energy Groups and happy with the SEGmeter installed at the centre. It was fun showing folks a live SEGmeter installation, looking at the energy generated by the EcoCentres solar panels, as well as monitoring the centres power use.

created on: 03/10/11created on: 03/10/11

The SEG Team would like to thank Bede & Jill from the EcoCentre, our fellow stall holders and all the participants at the inaugural EcoMarket. We're looking forward to the next one already :)


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