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Building "SEGlets" - 5mm Current Sensors

published, Aug 27, 2010 7:05pm
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I've been having fun building "SEGlets": the cool bits of hardware that help Smart Energy Groups do what it does.

This week, in addition to some mods to my first SEGmeter, I've wired up a bunch of the nice little 5mm current sensors that you can soon buy in kitset form at the SEGshop.

created on: 08/28/10

I'd rate my soldering skills at somewhere between beginner and intermediate level, and it took me a few hours to wire up about 4 sensors (along with interruptions).

I took a bunch of pics during my build process, documenting key steps along the way. The build process is fairly easy and requires little more than basic soldering skills. Its a little fiddly in a couple of places (so possibly not the best project for first timers), but generally straight forward. You can find the complete set of my build pics here on Flickr.

 created on: 11/28/10

Any feedback or questions welcome.

Happy hacking!

Paul Zee


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