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Sustainable Living Festival 2011

published, Feb 27, 2011 8:04am
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We took Smart Energy Groups along to the Sustainable Living Festival "Green Market", which ran last weekend on the River Promenade behind Fed Square.

created on: 02/27/11

For those who dropped by to see us, a big thanks for coming out to chat - it was great to see you all, and to meet some of you face-to-face for the first time. Here's a quick run down on the event.

We shared our exhibitors stand with our friends Cate & Chris from Green Renters, and had a great three days chatting to a good number of folks Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

There was some good interest in Smart Energy Groups and what we're doing, particularly from folks owning Solar panels, and those involved in sustainability roles, such as sustainability assessors. There were also a fair few people angry or confused (or both!) about the Victorian Smart Meter program. It felt good to give them a solution to obtaining the measurement and control they're after.

Sam tried his hand (actually, his legs) at the Future Spark Bikes, generating an impressive 380 watts (well, for 30 seconds anyway):

created on: 02/27/11


And we'd like to express our thanks for the selection of great food and entertainment on offer: just check out this amazing vege and tofu stir fry!

created on: 02/27/11 created on: 02/27/11

Well worth checking out next year - I'm certain we'll be doing it again :)

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