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It Is Time To Get Past The Paradigm of Printing

published, Jan 20, 2009 5:37am
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This article has been reposted from the Ross Hill blog. 

I grew up reading books so I will still have a few around me but.. well I walked into the library of the RACV Club in Melbourne not long ago and it was stocked with every newspaper and magazine imaginable.. yet all I could think was all of this ‘news’ is at least a day old. I pulled out my iPhone and opened Twitter and my RSS Reader for some up to the minute coverage instead. 

I gave up printing before I gave up newspapers - the last time I printed something was an assignment at RMIT University because they wouldn’t accept a digital version alone. That aside it has been years. 

What is the most effective way to reduce the number of trees we cut down each year? Better alternatives. My phone has access to the latest information on the web, and it is easier to submit an assignment online than print it out and travel to Uni to hand it in.

forrest It Is Time To Get Past The Paradigm of Printing

We don’t need to use paper this much - pair my iPhone with my Surface/TV and I’ll be satisfied. 

We should only need one generation to largely remove our habit of sharing information on dead forrests.


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