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Infrastructure failures a win for community

published, Feb 1, 2009 9:27am
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This article has been reposted from the Ross Hill blog. 

Public infrastructure failures are temporarily a massive win for the local community. In times of crisis, we take a step back from the world and focus on what is happening around us.

The streets are filled with people and conversation.

January 30th was the peak of a string of record-breaking temperatures, topping out at 45 degrees Celsius. This lead to widespead power outages that left 500,000 homes and businesses without electricity, with Connex canceling over 330 train services and eventually closing their network leaving commuters to find other ways home.

stkildabeach Infrastructure failures a win for community

This is St Kilda beach at 10:30pm on the 29th, at 35 degrees. The water was alive as the sun set. There were people everywhere and the open air cinema playing on the roof of the sea baths behind.

crownpower Infrastructure failures a win for community

The next day as Crown Casino was evacuated due to blackouts there were people everywhere, with the Chinese New Year celebrations on the river and food stall owners running out of stock.

The city slowed down and nobody was in a rush to get anywhere. We learnt to live with less power. 

Maybe we should do this more often?

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Nice post Ross,

I was talking to my mother, who is without Air Con - and she said that she was walking about in a wet t-shirt.  Now, that's a great idea for those hot hot days down by the river.



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