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My name is: Sam Sabey

An energy aware individual trying to make a difference by helping people get together and build a more sustainable energy future.

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  • A father with three  little boys to keep me focussed on what's really important.
  • A keen radio control sailplane enthusiast, I enjoy building and flying hight performance toy gliders in extreme places.
  • In addition to that I'm a bit of a geek who enjoys Rails and does other consulting work to keep the bills paid

Why Smart Energy Groups?

Energy is our public good, we all use it, need it, and like the tragedy of the commons we are all responsible for it.  In the news we hear a lot about climate change, carbon dioxide emissions global warming and a host of other things that can make one feel a little helpless at times – and amidst all that it's possible to be left with the feeling what could I possibly do to avert a pending disaster?

I hold the simple view that the solution to the problem is all up to us.  This is reflected in our attitudes, behaviors and other things we do in our day to day life that in total add up to one big problem.  With the internet we are now for the first time in history presented with a medium that we can use together together to implement a cultural change in how we use out energy.

This is the number one focus of Smart Energy Groups, to build a community of people who   share what they are doing to reduce their energy usage, use energy more efficiently and how to make best use of the huge range of renewable and other things that are going to become available in the future.  Perhaps together we can make a difference, for in the words of Benjamin Franklin, “if we do not hang together,  we will surely hang alone”

Is this such a crazy idea?

So come on!  Get involved, sign up and be part of building our Smart Energy Future.

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I have a segmeter v2.5 attached to a segbox v2.

on the Last week the wifi conecction was losted, I tried several times to reconfigure but no sucess.

So I decided to reset the segbox to defaults using the option System/Backup flash Firmware/Reset to defaults on the web interface.

I think that was not a good idea.

I lost all .lua scripts and some config files.

I put back some backuped files, but i thing that some files still missing. I have error with serial talker conection.

Starting the serial_talker!
Now : 1496070359 - Next Time : 0 - Remain : -1496070359
Time based start_data command: (all_nodes (start_data))
serial_talker is Now closing the serial client...
2017-05-29T15:06:00 - 0-1 serial: dead tubes: connected seg: connected
The SEGbox has stopped running at:
C-L: 0-2 SERsALs: dead TUBES: connected SEG: connected
the crontab should restart the program, tootles.

Serial2net is using this configuration


Is it correct?

Can you help me to put my segmeter to work again?



Hi Sam-

Quick question about billing and setup: Can I (or how do I) change my data rate reporting? Will doing so delete destroy all my past data? I poked around the site a bit and into the Tool section, etc., but it didn't seem like there was an obvious way to make that change.

When things changed to the billing/subscription model, I chose Platinum b/c I didn't really have time to wade in and figure out how my Brultech GEM and the site were working together. Now that I see that choice was costing me about $60US a month, so I decided to step down to Gold. I deleted some streams and I think I got it to fit within the subscription parameter. However, it looks like my data rate is at 30 secs. and I think the subscription says it should be at 40 secs. or more. Am I okay as set up now, or do I need to do some further tweaaking? 

(BTW, my solar installation finally got finished and just came online this month, so I'm pretty stoked about that! Let's hope the power bill will finally start to shrink.....)


Thanks for the help,


Hi Sam, when you've got a minute, can you get back to me? I'd like to find out the progress on my order through the segshop (order put in a couple of months ago) which still has not progressed. Your phone details and contact-us information all seems to go nowhere. Thanks!

Sam, whenever you're not too busy, if you could please contact me I would like to discuss bugs, widgets, and development with you.

Grimshad (at) gmail (.com)




Hi Sam, appears I have been offline for a couple of days now, guess your away or its a real problem, any idea when you might have things up and running again?

Hello Sam.  I am wondering if you can help me display my GEM in SEG as Amps rather then kW?  When I choose to change the type it does not change the value.

Thanks in advance


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