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Solar versus the Lights

published, Jun 1, 2011 10:08am
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I've just been doing some charting upgrades and adding some new gadgets, notably some nice doughnut charts!

I was also just inspecting the solar energy output for the last 12 months versus the lights.  It seems this is a remarkably interesting plot, in so far as the 1kW solar panels we run pretty much power our inside lighting...

We use more lights in winter, but we get more sun in summer, and predictably the curve shows just this.

solar_versus_lighting.png created on: 06/01/11

One small thing for energy awareness.

Now to do something about the drafts in the house.



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Sam how to read this chart?

Green - In June2010 negative"-"50kwh Solar Panels ???

Lighting 160kwh for the same month? 160 kwh is a lot.


We had a lot of those pesky halogens.

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