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Energy Efficiency versus Nuclear

published, Jul 15, 2011 1:09am
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Let's face it, most of our energy usage today isn't that smart, at a time in history where we have more energy than ever before, we still don't have enough!

The old school way of looking at this problem, is the same that builds more freeways, build it and they will come.  This school also things in terms of centralisation and overall control, which plays into the hands of the pro-nuclear.  Lets make a big centralised reactor, ruin an area of our planet for the next milenna so we can waste the electrons producted.

Lets take a look at energy efficency - a brilliant infographic from the people over at the energy collective.  

We can save the same amount of energy as a nuclear plant will generate for less than half the cost.

The energy efficiency effort will also create nearly 100 times more jobs across more of our community.  Importantly these jobs will upskill people in energy efficiency, which may result in the cultural change around energy we need.

nuclear-v-homes-infographic.jpg created on: 07/15/11

what do you think?


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Not being contrary at all here Sam, but is the cost of decommissioning included in the cost of building the replacement? Because regardless of what replaces an existing plant, the cost of the decommissioning is humungous.

I'd say that when the "cost" of a new nuke plant is considered, there should be a realistic amount factored in for the decommissioning cost of it. And the longer the expected life, the more it will finally cost to decommission in "todays" dollars NPV'd....

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