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SEGmeter V2 is coming!

published, May 17, 2012 5:14am
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It's been a little time coming, like all good things!  And you may have heard some V2 whispering in the winds, however the wait is nearly OVER!

SEGmeter V2

The SEGmeter V2 is ready for prime time.  Some features that may get you going:

  • It's a SEGduino!  We have built the arduino into the SEGmeter.  It has the Arduino pinout and most of the features you would expect of a basic arduino too.
  • It has 8 channels of 12 bit analog/digital sampling.  This mean 4 times the resolution of the V1 (V1 is still quite awesome though...)
  • It's expanadable to 16 channels with an extra SEGmeter deck!
  • Uses Dragino for the SEGbox part, with a new OpenWRT firmware that has some nice goodies
  • and its RED!  Because red ones go faster.

If you'd like to know a little more, let us know!

So watch out electrons!

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