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Connect your V2 SEGmeter to the WiFi

published, Jun 28, 2012 5:29am
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There are many differences with the V2 SEGmeter, one of them is an updated SEGbox based on the OpenWRT Attitude Adjustment release.

This is a little easier to setup the WiFi (than V1), so follow the bouncing ball!

There are two parts to your SEGmeter, the first is the SEGmeter - this is the red circuit board that has the plugs and metering electronics. The other part is the SEGbox - this a blue coloured board is the internet interface that uses the OpenWRT software.

This guide will show you how to connect the SEGbox to the internet so the system can talk with SmartEnergyGroups.com

Here we go!

Power up your SEGbox, this may take up to two minutes. You will know when it's done as your computer will be able to connect to the SEGbox.

Connect the SEGbox to your computer using an ethernet cable. Note: make sure to connect your computer to the LAN port on the SEGbox!

Point your browser here:   (or the appropriate IP for your SEGbox device)

if you are asked for some login details these are them:

user: root

pass: energyaware

You will then be transported to the Network page.  There is a little issue here, that may need to be resolved, and requires the INTERNET interface to be deleted before scanning for a new WiFi network.

If you see the interface INTERNET, delete it. If this interface is not there, this is good, head over to the WiFi tab by pressing on the Network menu bar.

The Network Interface

When this has gone, head to the WiFi option, by clicking on the menu bar.

On this screen, there is a little button called Scan, press this now to commence looking for networks to join.

Scan WiFi

This will bring up a list of networks that it can see ...hopefully yours is there!

Select the one you would like to join, and press the Join Network button

Join the network

After this, you will be taken to a screen to enter the WiFi passphrase. 

Enter Pass Phrase

Make sure that internet is chosen for the name of network, replace wireless configuration, and firewall zone is specified properly (see the picture above)

Click Submit to save it.

Then wait a little bit to enable the settings to be saved.  If in doubt, reboot and try again.

When the WiFi connection is established from the SEGbox, it will be possible to surf the internet from the SEGbox, which is a good test that all is working.

Good Luck, and let me know if you have any problems.





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I would like to Set up SEGmerter V2 over Xmas break. But am not sure if V2 for $199 can 

connect to the interner, or do I need to buy Zigbee kit? 

Thank you


Hey Ivan,

We will have all the V2 stuff in soon, ready for Christmas!

So stay tuned,

Sam, @samotage

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