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Connect up to measure the solar

published, Feb 13, 2013 2:20am
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I get a few questions on the best way to measure solar energy.

With this approach, it's possible to know:

- Solar generation from the panels on the roof

- Black energy used

- Nett energy in respect to the grid

So follow this little diagram!

Solar Flows

Sam, @samotage


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Sam - just getting back to working on segmeter. Was able to boot it up while cabled through my laptop, which had a connection to the internet. And could browse from segmeter just fine. My next step: how to enable the wifi directly from the segmeter without the laptop in the picture.

Now that I have a sensor connected, then rebooted the box, assume it would auto-connected via wifi - not quite that simple so I must be missing something. Can you advise?




Hey Steve,

If the SEGbox can get wifi, it should be close to win.

Next, plug in the SEGmeter using the 6wire connector, make sure to get the polarity right, these are marked on the SEGbox red adaptor, and the top RH of the SEGmeter when viewed from the top with the stereo jacks at the bottom, as it was when it was shipped.

Then fire it all up for win!

Sam, @samotage

Hello Sam - Should PV power production be set up as positive or negative values when sent to SEG?  I've initially wired my meter (ECM-1240) so all the power use registers as positive and the PV production registers as negative (since it flows the opposite direction as use).  I've checked the "Green Energy" box for the PV stream.  But I see that some gadgets change the sign of the PV power (or energy) from negative to positive.  And I'm getting some odd results for some summary statistics.  Should I configure the PV so it's positive?

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