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An important announcement from Smart Energy Groups

published, Oct 7, 2015 3:39am
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Smart Energy Groups, SEG has been around for some time now. Our community has been built and grown with the needs of our members in mind. We want to provide a service for you - not for third parties of advertisers. This allows us to focus on making the things you need, not other people.

In the modern times of this internet, it is likely you may understand this. We want this community to be for us, not them.

Smart Energy Groups has been free for the majority of our members now for a long time now, and we need your support in order to continue.

This means that Smart Energy Groups is transitioning to a paid service in order for it to continue.

When you log in next, you will be prompted to select from our Community or Premium plans. This will set you up with an account and all the other necessary things, like your credit card details etc.

The Community plan has three free streams included, so does the Premium plan.

The Premium plan is based on your total number of streams and their data rates. The price per stream varies on how often your streams send data to SEG. This is something you need to review.

The Premium plan comes with a 30 day free trial that every member is eligible for too!

So please join us and show your support for all we have been doing and hope to continue!

So please join us and show your support for all we have been doing for our community and we hope with your participation to continue!

Sam, @samotage

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It's not very intuitive how to come up with a monthly price, so you might want to add a few steps (please confirm what I do is right)

1) Log in to your account

1.1) Tools -> Configuration report

I see something like this:

Total Streams: 36

Online : 34 - 94%

Normal: 36 - 100%

Average data rate: 71

Offline : 2 or 6%

Calculated: 0 or 0%

So I can see:

  • No calculated streams!
  • Rate > 40

Which means the silver subscription should be fine 32 + 3

... if I remove one stream

$14.99/mo or 179.88 per year.

Is this a correct assumption?

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