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Electrons, electrons everywhere, what's this got to do with my energy?

published, Jan 12, 2009 4:36am
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Well plenty!

You see, we literally live in a sea of them.  Fundamentally we are made from them (and other atoms...), and we use a hell of a lot of them to do things for us, like light our homes, run our dishwashers, power our TV's etcetera...  all conveniently supplied to us via wires.

At the other end of these wires, there are huge pieces of machinery that typically burn up nicely sequestered carbon, boil water and use it's steam order to motivate those electrons to take the long trip through those wires and into our homes – just so we can entertain ourselves with the lights on.  Because there has never been a real means to store those electrons – those machines need to pump them out just as fast as we can use them, but that is going to change.

electric outlet

Electricity is both a curse and thankfully a blessing, why?  It's because it's such a significant emissions problem, however it's also very much part of the solution.  You see – most of the big renewable generate electricity, solar, wind, tidal etc.  So if we can turn off the dirt burners and turn on the renewable we have our answer simple!

Now the question is, how can we pack up and take those electrons with us?   

Stay tuned for the next instalment(s) in this series.

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