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The Fan kicks A/C's ass. Score: 6-Nil

published, Jan 20, 2009 2:24am
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This summer my wife and I have traded down from Air Conditioning to the old skool Fan, and we are liking it.  A couple of reasons for this:

  • AC saps a sheet load of energy, and that's not being particuarly energy aware now is it?
  • We have 11 month old twin boys.  No AC in their room, so it's best that we run the same configuration as the boys.

Simply enough, a fan works by blowing air across your skin.  Because we sweat when hot, the evaporation cools us down.  Our body then adjusts the sweat flow and surprisingly this mechanism, developed over millenia works very well.  Perhaps even better than our modern air conditioner units that seem to struggle when the going gets tough.

So far in pitting the humble old Fan against the modern AC, our have been:

  1. The fan is simple and easy, no need to wait till the room cools down, just turn that sucker.
    The AC that would take forever to cool, and then remain over warm all night...
    Fan +1 versus AC 0

  2. With the Fan, temperature control is managed by the position of the bed sheet, ultra precise and instantly effective.
    The AC has this pesky remote control, it gets lost, takes forever to reach the new temperature and besides my wife always likes a different temperature.
    Fan +1 versus AC 0

  3. The noise of the fan drowns out all but the most significant disturbances from the two little lads in the other room – assisting our rest.
    The AC makes a nice even hum, but it's not the same satisfying swoosh.
    Fan +1 versus AC +1

  4. With the Fan we sleep easily, soundly don't get hot and wake refreshed (even on some of our City's hottest recorded evenings in 15 years)
    With AC we sleep cool, but are always left with at strange, dehydrated “in building” feeling.
    Fan +1 versus AC 0

  5. Fan is cheap on the power and resulting carbon output
    AC sucks a pretty electron and makes my wallet hurt.
    Fan +1 versus AC -1

  6. And Last night we discovered a new benefit of the fan – Mosquitoes.

    So we had our door and window open and guess what comes buzzing on in...  We all know that sound, and then the unwanted “itch”.  The Fan was “re-activated” and it's cool wind proceeded to disrupts the Mozzies flight path enough that we slept on bite free!
    Fan +1 versus AC 0

After 6 matches, we see the old skooler kicking the modern AC's ass, with a score of:

Fan +6 versus AC 0

Now, ask yourself - are you going to join the "fan club"?


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This makes me feel good about not being able to afford to put airconditioning in my apartment Laughing

I fail to see how number 6 is a positive for the fan.  If you had ac on then your window would be closed and mosquitos would not be getting in your room.

I could never do without my ac.  I keep it at 81˚ so it almost never turns on.  It still keeps the humidity down in my apartment though.  Living in Florida, where every day is 80%+ humidity, this is a big deal.

Our doors and windows were open to let the hot inside air out and replace it with the free cool air outside as the night does its work. 

If we live our lives without exposure to the variation in the natural temperatures in my view, that's a mere existence opiton.  Living requires the experience of all the senses.


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